Recovery Coaching

GAAMHA is excited to make Recovery Coaching available, accessible, and affordable to people in North Central Massachusetts who have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder. Recovery Coaching is now a covered benefit through MassHealth, so any person insured through a MassHealth plan is eligible to receive these services. For people with commercial plans and the uninsured, we offer a low-cost private pay rate so that anyone can access this service.

Recovery coaching is available for people as young as 15 and can be an effective early intervention and prevention tool for young people starting to experience trouble as a result of their substance use.

For many adults, entering a residential or highly structured treatment program is simply not an option due to their life circumstances or family obligations. These people may benefit greatly from working with a Recovery Coach who can meet with them, in their home or community, on their schedule.

Our coaches are all trained peer specialists who embrace a philosophy that welcomes all methods of recovery, and work to develop wellness plans that reflect the needs of the individual recoveree. For some people this may mean complete abstinence, for another it may combine MAT and therapy, and yet some people may just be exploring how to reduce their substance use to mitigate the negative impact it is having on them and their loved ones.

For more information on Recovery Coaching or to check your insurance eligibility, contact us at