Admissions Policy & Procedure

Any sober, drug free, adult male (21+) diagnosed with a substance use disorder, in need of a structured program of recovery is eligible to apply for admission to Pathway House.

Any sober, drug free, adult man or woman (21+) diagnosed with a substance use disorder, in need of a substance free living environment with attached case management services is eligible to apply to GAAMHA Supportive Housing.

Our primary requirement for any of our programs is that the applicant be sincerely motivated to take action to address his/her substance use disorder.

Admission to Pathway House and GAAMHA Supportive Housing is typically coordinated by referral from a primary treatment source. Examples of this would be: acute treatment centers (detox), transitional care facilities, clinical stabilization programs, shelters, outreach programs, hospitals, and the criminal justice system. Pathway House and GAAMHA Supportive Housing also embrace the “No Wrong Door To Recovery” philosophy and will accept self-referrals and applications from people who are not currently engaged in treatment.

All admissions are preceded by a telephone referral and personal interview conducted by designated staff. A recent medical report, psychosocial history, completed application forms and a psychological evaluation (if available) from the primary treatment facility must accompany the applicant to the interview. All applicants are accepted directly from their primary treatment facility.

If you would like more information for yourself, a family member, or a client please do not hesitate to call us at 978-632-4574 for more information.

We ask that treatment facilities not send or fax information about any client without first speaking to admissions staff. This is a violation of HIPAA regulations and all information received without advance notification will be destroyed upon receipt.