Employment Services Supervisor

Employment Services Supervisor

Job Description: 

The Employment Services Supervisor is responsible for the overall implementation and oversight of GAAMHA’s employment programs.  Responsibilities also include the growth of the business, oversight of quality assurance, efficient and effective delivery of the goals and objectives within the approved annual budget.  This includes internal quality assurance procedures, state mandated evaluation (QUEST) and other licensing/certification processes. 


  1. Supervise job developers, enclave leads and job trainers in regard to daily operations of GAAMHA programs, including staff training and staff development.
  2. Responsible for the growth of employment activities operated or supported by GAAMHA.
  3. Assist and lead in the development of policies and procedures.
  4. Maintain communication with all customers, and State and Federal agencies as it relates to program matters.
  5. Communicate all employment matters with the respective case managers and/or other pertinent parties.
  6. Work cooperatively with the Director of Day Services to maintain similarity between the developments of employment and the vocational track program.
  7. Coordinate all administrative issues as appropriate with the CEO, COO and CFO.
  8. Monitor the daily operations of employment programs and report the status of each to the CEO on a regular basis.
  9. The incumbent will represent GAAMHA in the community and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the values and professional standards of the agency.
  10. The incumbent will monitor and oversee program design to ensure that the Quality Assurance Program is current. In particular, QUEST/DDS Regulations licensing requirements and staying abreast of changes and modifications.
  11. The incumbent will maintain knowledge of current developments and mandates of programmatic applications of employment programs as it applies to GAAMHA.
  12. Other duties as may be deemed necessary and/or requested by the CEO.

Qualifications:  Associate degree in human services, Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, or a closely related field is preferred; however, demonstrated equivalent work experience may be considered. Experience in providing employment services to individuals and businesses. Knowledge and experience with agency regulations regarding requirements of various funded state programs is a plus.

Supervision Given:  The incumbent supervises Job Developers, Enclave Leads and Job Trainers.

Supervision Received:  The incumbent is supervised directly by the CEO.

Interested applicant should submit their Resume and Cover Letter here.